Silver Causeway Bangle


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This bangle is handmade from 925 sterling silver.
It is part of the Causeway collection, inspired by the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. This UNESCO world heritage site, feature hexagonal basalt columns, (which often have puddles of rainwater gathered on their convex tops!) are famous for feuding Giant’s and surrounded in folklore.

Hand crafted from 925 sterling silver, it features domed discs of varying sizes in a cluster formation to add texture and dimension which reflect the light beautifully.

Bangles are the ideal option for busy or active people who require something more robust than a bracelet.  Its also easy to put on and take off, no extra pair of hands required!

This Causeway bangle is solid in its construction, round in shape and features clusters of light reflective discs of varying sizes around the piece to add interest.

Available in two sizes.


Also coordinates with he Irish Rain Collection.



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Circumference (cm)

21, 23


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